Umschaltung zwischen Organisationen funktioniert nicht

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Beim hin- und verschalten zwischen Organisationen kommt es nach dem 2. Umschalten zu dem Zustand, dass ich im falschen Tenant bin (anders als angezeigt.) Desweiteren fehlt nun die Möglichkeit hin- und herzuhalten. 

Mac - Big Sur

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Hi @Henr7   Since there has been no response yet from this community, I recommend that you contact Microsoft support or, where support agents are available to help troubleshoot issues until resolution.

Same problem here (and also using Teams in German on Mac). Have you found a solution in the meantime?
Do you have this problem when working with Teams in the browser? Be also sure you have updated the Teams client to the last version available and as Therese said, this is the kind of problem that needs a deeper troubleshooting to understand what's happening. It might be worth also to take a look at the issues identified by Microsoft over the time with Teams: