Umlauts in notification emails

Florian Hein
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we have noticed that for Teams notification emails German umlauts ä, ö, ü are displayed incorrectly in some of our users Outlook clients. It looks like this:




Now, where would you suggest we start looking? This particular example is from a Mac user who has his UI language of Outlook / and or Mac set to English instead of German. However, usually such a problem does not occur except for Teams.


Could this have to do with the sender, i.e. I don't suspect the Teams client itself from which a user mentions the recipient who's having the umlauts issue has something to do with it.


Thanks for your help.

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Hi @Florian Hein,

I guess the first step would be

1.) Does it render correctly in OWA (Web Version)
2.) Does it render correctly if they change the language to German in Outlook?
3.) Does it render correctly if they change the language to German in Office 365, Teams and Outlook?
4.) Does it render correctly on phone (Outlook App for IPhone/Android)?
5.) Does it render correctly in Outlook on Windows
6.) Does it render if sending umlauts in regular emails?

Teams is known to have issues with special characters so it may be along these lines, but I guess the first step is to try and nail down where explicitly this issue is.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Best, Chris

Hey @Christopher Hoard, thanks a lot for the plentiful list of ideas.

1. No

2. No difference

3. No difference

4. No

5. No

6. Yes, in header and body


Then, I had our email team analyze the auto-generated mail from " and the umlauts were displayed in ascii even before they hit our clients. So there's a strong suspicion that the issue originates from the Microsoft side.


I tried experimenting with the Teams client language settings but even setting it from my native language (German) to English on either the sending and receiving user does not change anything.



I'm not sure Microsoft is aware of this yet.


Thanks @Florian Hein

Sounds in this case like a bug as it’s not rendering despite the above changes.

Recommendation is to raise as a uservoice with BUG: prefix here as is recommended with bugs

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris
I voted! Hope it gets fixed soon! Great spot!

Best, Chris

Discovered this same issue at my end today and mildly frustrating.


Looking forward to when this bug/issue/anomaly can be rectified.

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