UK Department for Work & Pensions - Teams deployment-adoption - 114,000 staff - Champion Story



Workshop invite: 23 Feb 11-Noon (GMT)


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Since July last year I've had the privilege of being part of a 45-strong technology project team focussed on the most audacious Microsoft Teams deployment and adoption project in the UK Public Sector.


This is the Department for Work and Pensions #DWP with over 114,000 staff now working remotely, supporting over 800 Job Centres, and the UK Benefits and Pension system. Difficult enough at the best of times but even more so now.


Delighted to report this immense programme of change has gone exceedingly well. With SfB retired in January, old ways of working are fading fast with a myriad of easy to use Teams collaboration and productivity tools at their fingertips, and new features shipped every few weeks.


People who have worked in the Department over 20 years are "loving" better ways of working on Teams. We have captured many success stories and positives accelerated by the pandemic.


Working closely with the good people in DWP Collaboration and Communications Service I was charged with creating a Teams Champion upskilling programme.


We hosted over 40 workshops that comprised of a 3-step learning pathway with over 2 hours of content for each Champion, branded “Pioneers”. We introduced them to cultural change, empathy during change, and the best Teams resources and tactics from around the world.


Happy to chat about this more!

Cheers Lesley Crook (MVP)


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This is great, @Lesley Crook - you might consider expanding on this theme in a blog!