Tutorial: Create A Microsoft Planner Task When A Microsoft Form Response Is Submitted

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This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a new planner task every time a new Microsoft Forms response is submitted. The approach outlined in this video will leverage a Microsoft Power Automate workflow that takes the details from the Microsoft Form response and passes the information into a newly created planner task. The tutorial will start by demonstrating how to create a basic Microsoft Form and then will demonstrate how to create the workflow. The tutorial will also demonstrate how to conditionally create Microsoft Planner Task in different boards depending on the value selected in a choice type field in the form. For example, if response one is selected at drop down question one, then create a task in board one. If response two is selected at drop down question one, then create a task in board two.

I am curious to learn what you might be using this workflow approach for. Please feel free to comment below!


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Hello @LuiIacobellis 

I saw the video of creating a Planner task when a forms is received and it's working fine. Thanks for that.


Now, I'm planning to automate the flow, When the forms response is submitted then it should create the planner task and also in Lists. if anything is updated in planner then the same will be reflect in the Lists.

Along with that I want to attach the Lists link as attachment in Planner attachment. 


Can you please help me to achieve this?

Thanks for your support