Turning off Email notifications from *MOBILE* app?

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I'm trying to roll out a plan for using Teams in inpatient academic hospital setting. But one staff was getting emails, and selected to stop getting them...which in effect turned off all his notifications!


So tried to show him that you can set notification types (eg banner, banner + email, etc)...but you can't do that from the app!!!! So for team members who are only using a mobile app (there will be many in this kind of environment in medicine), it appears there's no way to turn off a flood of emails, and if they do so from the email, they lose all notifications. There's also nothing indicating to them that there would be more notification options if they were to go to the web version or desktop client.


So the mobile version should have ability to set types of notifications (NOT just on/off).

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Unfortunately, as you have well described, the Mobile App only allows to switch on/off notifications not to configure type of notifications.

So what's the best way to request this from MS?