Turn the audio on in breakout rooms

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Hello everyone 


I've encountered the same problem while joining breakout rooms. My audio is always deactivated as well as my microphone. I managed to connect to the audio and activate my microphone but It's quite annoying as I constantly need  to move from breakout rooms to monitor my learners. Is there a way to set up this in advance? 


Thank you Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 8.16.43.png

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We are having the same issue @Angel_Leija and trying to find the resolution. We never had it happen before, but seems like recently it has just started. 

Yes, @Angel_Leija,this very frustrating for teachers, who actively monitor breakout rooms and need to move around and speak to lots of people quickly. This isn't an issue on Zoom. Please change it to give us some control over the mic setting when joining rooms, Microsoft. Thank you.

I had this issue back in April of last year and then it was resolved. Now I have a student who is an ipad user with the most recent Teams app and he's having the same issue. He has figured out that if he mutes his microphone before being moved to the breakout room he can then unmute, but it is not possible to unmute from inside the breakout room if he was originally unmuted in the general call. :( So frustrating.