Turn off spell checking in Teams

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Is there any way to turn off spell check in Teams chat? Currently is seems to assume English, but I use Teams to communicate with people in different languages, so turning spell check off would perhaps be the simplest solution.

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Hi, top right corner under Settings - General.
Hi Tom,

Just click on your picture and choose “Settings” a few lines down the page. The Settings window will pop up. At the bottom of the Settings window will be “Enable spell check”. Uncheck that and click “Restart”.

The good news: It actually turns it off and I also restarted Teams and it was still turned off.

Hope this helps,
Hi Christian,

Couldn't resist a little snark huh? :) I just found that they finally added the capability to turn it off. My point is, it never should’ve been released in the first place without the ability to turn it off.
Sorry, that wasn't my intention. But you replied to something I wrote almost a year ago. So from my point of view I didn't understand why not disabling it. Nothing else :)

@ChristianBergstrom - thank you for your reply, but there is no such option - I thought I might need an update, but just installed fresh - there is a workaround though.. (see earlier messages)

thanks, but there is no such option, I used a weird workaround, suggested in an earlier message, decided to chack now on a new computer, but no luck, not possible

Spell-Check setting seems to be ignored by newer teams client ` (64-Bit)`



Not only is that setting ignored, but the setting itself has gone missing again from the UI (try a few restarts and it's gone) and even worse, now it can not even be disabled via editing settings.json, it's forced on at application start...
open Settings in the teams application. then open General. Find Language and disable spell check.

I've tried everything in this thread. The tick or unticking of that box "Enable Spell Check" just only works once. Not for good as there are no SAVE possibilities for your settings. As fast as I restart THE COMPUTER and thus the OS (Win 10 latest build), it returns to "factory settings" or "default" again. Not even a GPO could fix this. So still the original question is still valid:

How do we turn it off for good, and remove any automatic reset of it, whenever restarting OS?

You can put your computer at Sleep, Hibernate, Restart, Shut Off, it doesn't help. When we come back into it, it is still ticked as "enable spell check". It's even when we leave the Teams app ON when we are setting the computer into Sleep, or Hibernate mode. The main thing is, that we should be NOTIFIED OF THIS BEHAVIOUR so we knew, that this setting is temporarily. Me myself would rather have it the other way around, that the enabling of spell check should be turned off, and was an active choice for the user to make, and at a restart, it would turn it off again. However, just a note or a "information circle" right next to it, just so we know. So we can point at that and read the pop-up. Nevertheless:

1. I have never ever heard of any of my colleagues who had any use of the spell checker. Because even when checked and changing out those words that are underlined with red squiggly things, whenever they pressed ENTER and sent the post they detect afterwards way more misspelled words than the spell checker found, so they have to edit the post afterwards anyway, to edit the typos they manually discovered. I e the spell checker missed 90 percent of it anyways.

2. All I know of, would have it just like the rest of Office 365, Outlook, Browser, Word, Excel, etc that if you turn it off, it stays turned off even after a restart of Office 365, Win 10 OS, or the computer. But all of a sudden they decided Teams to behave differently, for which incentive behind this bizarre rationale, I have still not understood, and have yet someone to explain to me fully.

3. Since people uses mixed language in the chat, especially us IT admins, it would be better off to have no possibility to use any spell checker at all. There are too many weazel/technical words that any spell checker doesn't find anyway, and tags most things as "typos". 

I know, third world problems, but anyway. Nothing I loose sleep over, or ruminate over.

@MatsEriksson I understand there are some options in the latest version, but Teams is mostly unusable for me after changing a computer, constant "We're sorry... " error message, Microsoft has been looking into it for a few months, but no solution

@MatsEriksson ok when I change the language selected from UK English to US English the save buttom of the setting showed up, so then I could save it so that it remained disabled. 



Not possible at my place. I even placed a support with MS who remotely controlled my computer, and we couldn't even find the settings.json file anymore. It was present a month ago, but not now. Alas, that one did just change it for the current session, whenever closing it or restarting Teams for other purposes, the red squiggles came back. I did the edit in settings.json files for a while, but now that isn't even possible anymore. Back to square one. Why keeping it at all, as an option to decklick or click when it's actually not working? A lot of wasted time for users. I've asked around my collegaues now and when they try to think of it, they've had never ever had the use of spell check, and think it's just annoying as we switch between languages without struggles, and a lot of english words, and weazel words are used in the Swedish communications anyway, so I still haven't found any incentive for using any spell check at all really. I've even found that it does the red squiggly lines underlining right spelled words in the right chosen language. Beats me. This bug has gone on for too long now, methinks. MS support did - however - acknowledged this bug though. It wasn't there a year ago.