Turn off email notifications to all attendees every time a Teams event has a new guest added

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My university uses Teams to run events. Every time I add new external guests to the event, it sends out a mass email to all the registered attendees to tell them the meeting has been updated. How do I disable this? I need to be able to update the guest list and add new external guests who will attend the meeting WITHOUT flooding inboxes by sending a separate email to everyone every time. Please help!! 


P.S. I cannot manage this event through my own Outlook because it says it was created by the Team, not by me individually. I can only manage it through the Teams app. 

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@scalkin Hello, frustrating for sure. I get that this is a channel meeting and you are not the person setting it up from the beginning. Any chance you could ask the initiator ("organizer") to do these invites/changes/updates by using Outlook instead? (edit, just to be clear it can't be a channel meeting then).


As for the behavior see this conversation and the replies from Tony Redmond, specifically Microsoft 365 group settings for subscribers  New Teams Channel Calendar App Makes Channel Meetings Easier to Access - Microsoft Tech Community

Thank you, the link you provided is really helpful!