TTS for teams-meetings



Since schools are closed ATM., my school is using Teams for school.

I have no verbal speech, and I normally use an AAC-program to speak in school.


Why doesn't Teams have any option for using using TTS in meetings (or any bots to add TTS)?

Seems like an oversight!



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@Jdreioe I know what you mean. As you probably know, Immersive Reader will only help you hear what text is saying... to what you want to say. I've tried using a speaker to project my text to speech phone app, but people did not hear me too well.  The other way I know might work would be to share your screen ( and click the option to "include computer sound" then use a computer app like Talk For Me...  this would be too cumbersome for a classroom environment but I'll be using that for 1:1 teams meetings

@Jon_B520 My teachers use Screen Sharing as a method of presenting - resulting in me not being able to use that method you described.

I have not found a solution yet.