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I am currently trying to set up a Microsoft Meeting Room for my startup and I am a bit confused. My coworkers and I all have the Microsoft365 Basic Business Package which includes Microsoft Teams as well as Skype for Business Plan 2, however, when I went to the Microsoft Team Rooms documentation it says this.


"If you are using Skype for Business Plan 2, you can only use the Microsoft Teams Rooms in Skype for Business Only mode, meaning all of your meetings will be Skype for Business meetings. In order to enable your meeting room for Microsoft Teams meetings, we recommend you purchase the Meeting Room license."


Does this mean that if I want my conferencing room platform to be Microsoft Teams that I have to buy the $15 Meeting Room Package as well? If I do need to buy this do I just attribute that license to one email account?


Furthermore, if I do not need to buy this license do I continue setup as Skype for Business server or as Office365 which is now Microsoft 365. 


Thank you any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I think you have the right of it.


So you essentially need the Meeting Room SKU, which you would assign to the account setup and used on the meeting room device.

The nod to Skype for Business Online 2 is more for organisations that may be in a Hybrid State or yet to fully have their users in Teams Only mode. So although the license still exists as part of M365 plans, come 31st July 2021, Skype for Business Online will retire. It is the Teams license SKU you need to worry about having for your users, unless like I say your tenant is fairly old and existed in a time that pre dates Teams or you are in a Hybrid mode.

You can validate if you are Teams Only by going to the Teams Admin Centre > Org Settings > Upgrade Settings








Can I ask what Teams meeting room hardware you are using?
If you buy the all including solutions from the following certified list, you should be ready to go in very little time:

Another thing to have a look at, are the new Collaboration Bars:

Configure accounts for Teams Meeting Room:

Deploy your own Teams Meeting Room:



Hi, I am using the Logitech TAP small room bundle.





What exactly does the Meeting Room SKU give me? I already have Microsoft Teams as per the Business Basic Bundle so what else does the Meeting Room SKU do?


Also just to make sure I understand this right. The way my company and I are set up as of now is we all have a separate email and teams account under one group. Would I then just apply the Meeting Room SKU to one email account or all three?



The TAP computer only requires the Teams Meeting Room SKU on an account you create and you should be ready to go after entering it.

Teams meeting room SKU:

  • Mailbox (meeting room)
  • Skype for Business (if you are still using it)
  • Teams
  • Phone system (PBX base for IVR)
  • Audio Conferencing (requires calling plan if you want to use it for outgoing calls)
  • Microsoft Intune (for management)

    You need to create a separate account for the meeting room resource if it does not already have one.
    When planning meetings in the meeting room, you just invite the room as an extra participant or you go via the room finder.

    I just made a small blog post about the Tap in combination with an existing meeting room computer:



So like you have your business license assigned per user, the Meeting room license is to be assigned to meeting room devices. So once you create the room account as per the following link you assign this license to it

I think this was mainly to help minimise having a whole plan intended for user purposes with multiple service plans included such as SharePoint Online, Exchange Online etc. when the purpose is very specific for a meeting room device.


Also if on an Enterprise plan, this would probably work out cheaper, although appreciate this may not be the case in relation to the cost of Business plans.





Hi @HenryPhillipsNimbitech,
I am setting up Teams Room by hosting mailbox online (We have hybrid, both on-prem and online exchange) and M365 set up. We use AD Connect with ADFS. Planning to host Teamsroom mailbox online only. How do we convert a federated domain device account to Managed account to configure Teams Room and then switch back?