Trying to Create List in a Teams Tab From Create a List throws

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I'm finding that when ading a List Tab in Teams and then using a Template for From my organization that I am getting the error: 


    Parameter targetListName references a resource that could not be found.


I began by following the directions at MS Sharepoint Lists Custom Template to create a template. I can start to add a Tab in Teams for a List and selecting that Template by using Create a List >Templates > From your organization. The Template shows up with the link button to Use template. I am brought to the creation page to enter a name for the new List, but when I typed a new List name it threw the above error.


I attempted to create different Lists using different names just to see what the error was. I found something online which mentioned Lookup columns could be the problem. So, I deleted the Lookup column in the original template and created another template. I still got the same error.


I then happened to back out and this time I picked Add an exsiting list. And it shows every variation of the List I created.


Clicking on any of those creates the Tab with that list.


Any thoughts?

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