Trying to call an external Teams user

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Hi  @all,

we tried to give one of our customers the possibility to call his external contact by teams. Since last month both of them were Skype Users but we convinced them to switch to teams. It works well for our customer but he has an external contact with which the phone call does not work. The call function is grayed out and a call cannot be established.

The Teams Admin Center allows external calls unconditionally and we allow teams accounts which aren't domain managed.

Is there any other possibility like to whitelist a single E-Mailadress? Or do you think there could be any configuration on the external contacts side which forbids the connection?

Thank you in Advance for your help.

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@Bico_Adrian Can they send messages? All of the permissions go together as far as I know, so if you can send a message, you can also make a call. What is the external contact using, Teams or Skype ? Have you enabled messaging to consumer Skype as well as to Teams not managed by an organisation ?

Hi Steven, both of them are using Teams. They can send each other Messages, but the Phone Icon is greyed out and couldn't be used to start a call.

Any news regarding that issue? we've encounters the same problem

Hi @idanm-sp 

in our case it looks like the external contact uses a private license of teams. So you had no possibility to fix it with a rule by organization. To solve our problem we invited him to our tenant with a guest account.