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Need help. i have recently signedup for teams free account for my organisation and now facing issue in signing up with the id. in 1 pc i am logged in another pc when i try it gives me error. is there a way to change the admin or signup with new account on same domain as we have already set it for the team. other members of organization are able to sign in. me as admin is having issue to sign up. i have tried being part of other orgs on the same id that works. but the primary org is giving issue. anyone can help to find the reason of the problem or support i should be able to contact. 


Summary of the issue: Screen keeps showing circle animation after logging into teams. gives me option of other org but when i try to login to a particular org it gets stuck and doesnt come back online. its working on 1 system and other its giving issue. Same exe i have used on both system. lot of reasearch already tried but all in vain. 

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@abonline30 Hi, not sure I follow you here as it's a bit unclear :) But if I understand what you're asking you cannot change your Teams free admin account or address that you used to set up your Teams free org.


When it comes to the trouble signing in is this happening using a browser with Incognito / InPrivate mode as well? (no cached credentials). If you are only having issues with the desktop client you can try and remove and reinstall or reset the app. Such as clearing the cache or perhaps even resetting the autostart and remembered credentials.


For the former %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams delete all content.


For the latter

PowerShell script sample - Reset the autostart setting in Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Hi Christian, thanks for replying and taking pain to go through my query. let me try to rephrase if that helps. Something in my user profile is the issue. i signed up with id ending 30 and just now logged in to reply you and my id was reset to another username. Below is the chronology of event if that helps to identify the problem and solutions i have tried.

1) Signup on teams free with "user 1" and new org say name "Org 2"
2) added "User 2" to the "Org 2" and everything is fine
3) "User 1" i tried adding to another org "Org 1"
4) After adding that when i tried switching in the app from "Org 2" to "Org 1" fine but after that when i switch back to "Org 2" it goes in circle on the choose org page
5) Probable cause the "Org 2" is free teams and "Org 1" is paid license with admin and azure access
6) Tried multiple laptops, different browsers and even mobile app, icognito everything. something in the profile at backend with the "org 2" is damaged or bug
7) issue still persists - if i sign up with User 1 and choose org "Org 2" the teams app goes in circle on signing up and brings back the page to choose the org. in 1 laptop its signed in (using that only now) and on 1 occasion when "Org 1" was selected it prompted "Org 2" is available
8)So the solution i can think of
8a) Reset of user profile and the org in teams
8b) Make another user and elevate to admin as current user1 is the admin and i dont know how to make admin a normal member in free teams.

hope above gives the synopsis of poblem.

In your first post you said ”its working on 1 system and other its giving issue.” then it cannot be backend issue, but now you say it’s not working in any client? I’m finding it difficult to grasp the scenario tbh. If an option you should delete the free org. and set up a new. I’m switching between free and paid, and that is no problem.
Thanks Christian again for replying. Let me try to rephrase again.

1) Laptop 1 after lot of struggle i managed to log in to the "Org 1" but now when i am trying on other machine it goes in circle and doesnt move ahead from the choose org page. it circle backs to the same page even after choosing "Org 1" but if i choose "Org 2" same applicaiton and user is able to login.
2) I have tried to even install the client version which was working on laptop 1 on laptop 2 but still the issue is same.
3) Now only 1 machine i am logged in and dont want to take the chance. i tried logging in with other user but dont know how to make that user admin.
4) Need help in
4a) Deleting the org and recreating it
4b) Or add another user as admin as rest people in team are not facing the issue with "Org 1"
Another point to add is that issue even persists in web browser, incognito mode. "org 2" doesnt appear in the drop down on web app also. sometimes it appears on own and goes back to the same seleciton page of org. so only 1 team client is logged in Laptop 1 and i am able to use that. rest clients are not able to move further from org selection page be it web or team client app.
i can see 2 different tenant ids when i try to sign in through browser.



I'm sorry but don't understand what's going on, it's too difficult remote and perhaps the reason no one else has replied. You can try changing the roles etc in Azure, make another user admin or perhaps you need to delete the free org. and start over


Bear in mind that even though they say you can re-use the same account to do that I've haven't heard of any actually succeeding (had to create new personal account).


Hope it gets sorted!