Trouble with Channel Meetings in Teams

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Hello all,


I've recently set up a set of recurring meetings in my organisation's Team. They are set up to occur every 2 weeks, and I have set the meeting to occur in the "General" channel.


The nature of the work requires us to create new channels every two weeks - which we have no issues with and everything runs smoothly. These channels only contain information for colleagues and we host the meeting in general whilst using the other channel to look at documents only.


The issue comes when different people are required to join the meeting. We send invites to join the meeting by copying the Teams link and sending an email with the link. However, we've noticed that sometimes, when attendees click the link, it will create a new meeting on its own. So, when we are waiting for a particular attendee to join, it will sometimes pop up in the bottom right corner that "[The person] has started the meeting," rather than joining the meeting we're in.


I'm really confused, as the invite I send is the exact same link as the meeting we're in - so why does it create a new, separate meeting? It also doesn't happen for every single attendee, as some people will be able to join the meeting I'm waiting in, whereas others will be sent to a newly created meeting.


I've asked all attendees and they all use the "click here to join the meeting" link, so they are clicking the same thing.


Is it something to do with the general channel? Or the Team itself? I've looked over the settings and can't seem to find anything that relates to this issue.


Any help would be greatly apprecaited. Thank you.

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No idea about the nature of the issue but what if the organizer just modifies the list of attendees of each upcoming instance instead of sending the link by email? AFAIK sending the meeting link by email is what Microsoft recommends not to do.