Trouble loading meeting notes

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We have a case that whenever we are trying to access the meeting notes of old meeting, error is throwing like" we are trouble loading your wiki please try again later". Also none of the members of the meeting able to access. Its quite strange.
Any suggestions guys?

Appreciate your help!!
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Hi @Pooja_gopinath ,


Just wondering with you saying that it is a set of old meeting notes, could anything of happened to the SharePoint Site backing the Team that the meeting was held in?


I ask because ultimately and this presuming it was a meeting in a Channel, the Wiki notes are stored in the underlying SharePoint Site.


So a long shot could be to go to the SharePoint Site that backs the Team, Site Contents, Teams Wiki Data and from there you should see all of the Wikis associated with the Team. You can also providing you have access and made it this far, launch the notes in Outlook and read.


If of course you have any issues leading up to getting to the Wiki in SharePoint, that will no doubt be the same reason that Teams is unable to interface with it.





Hi Henry,
Thanks for the explanation.
Issue was resolved as the user has joined the meeting with other domain credentials. Now he tried to retrieve the wiki notes with new domain credentials. So it doesn't works!.