Trouble Joining Teams

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We invited a parent to Microsoft Teams. They show up as a member. They were able to go in to the main video, but when it was time to go into breakout rooms to work one on one, they were unable to see the teams and could not switch from one organization (their middle school) to our organization. 

We have them listed as a member, but when they go to look at their membership, they are not registered on our teams. 

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@JordanDieppa Sounds like they are using different accounts (email addresses) for the two organizations.

Different accounts could be the reason - did you make sure they use the right one? If they are using a school account - did they accept the invitation and can they usually switch to other tenants?

@Vesa Nopanen 

The parent was using his main email, an aol account, for both his son's middle school and our organization. The weird thing is, we could talk to him on the video chat, but when it came down to putting him in the breakout rooms, he couldn't see the side panels, or change the organization. 

I tried to send an invitation to the breakout rooms, but it would not allow him to accept the invite. 

Should he try using a different email?

No, he had the same email for both.

@JordanDieppa Sounds like he joined the first meeting as a guest (as it would be if you invited an external person to a meeting without adding him to the team). I would try to remove the account from your tenant and add it back again to see if that helps. I guess it could also be a caching issue if he used the browser version of Teams.

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It sounds like they didn't sign-in to Teams or they were in with the wrong account. I'd recommend them opening a Teams in a browser (possibly a in-private session so it is not logged into school or anything else automatically) and signing in and seeing if the issue exists.

You could also plan breakout rooms as separate meetings instead of channels in a Teams --> that way you don't have to be a member/guest in a team and in this kind of situations it can save a lots of troubleshooting. Or if you use Teams channels for breakouts -> try to have them log into the team before the actual event to see that they can do so.