Trouble accessing a video link

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I recorded a video with my mentor for a school project. She was the host and she sent me the link and everytime I click on it the message says "content not available it may have been deleted" I need to access this video for class. I use a google chrome book


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Hi, do you know if your mentor is still able to view the video recording please?

Yes she has no problem seeing the video



Are you in the same Teams organization as your mentor?


If you are in a different Teams organization, your mentor will need to download the video and share it to you via a OneDrive link.

@PeterRising can you elaborate on what you mean by "Teams organization". Thank you




Ah sorry, what I mean is does your email address have the same domain name as your mentor?  If not, then you are most likely not on the same Teams environment and would be considered an external user.

@PeterRising thank you for your help. She is still working on sending it to me but I may need your help. I have to edit it and convert it into a video for my professor to see