Trello Tabs Not Working?

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I was excited to see the announcement and screen shots of Trello being added to Teams. However, my application does not seem to allow adding of Trello Tabs. I can select Trello from the list of Tab options, enter my username and email for Trello and then authorize, but then nothing happpens.   


Here is a screenshot below of window that appears after saving and authorizing Trello. The Login text underneath the Trello logo cannot be acted upon as that step has actually already taken place. The save button is greyed out as that step already occurred also. I can open a Planner Tab, but only get the result below when doing same for Trello Tab, which never appears as on promotional screenshots showing a whole Trello Board on its own tab. Trello connectors do seem to work as I've connected those and posts appear in timeline within Teams....really want the Tab Functionality though. 


trello tab teams (2).jpg


Please advise if this is not yet fully available, if known issues exist or if there is other explanation?? 



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We have the same exact issue. Connectors work fine. Tab not at all. We end up with the same blank screen with"login" written.
Same exact issue....any idea how to get this working?

I am having same issue. 

Still not able to add & use a Trello Tab within Teams as announced and shown in releases nor see any guidance from MSFT Teams' Team. Hyped Trello/Teams integration = least at this point. 

Same here.....looking for a solution.
Once login to Trello......the Trello Tab does not appear.


Let's Like up this issue to casue more awareness at MS level

Same problem here.



Thanks for pointing it out. Really sorry that it is not working for you. We will certainly look into it, and post back a solution. Meanwhile can you confirm if you are having this issue on the web app as well as Desktop on only Desktop?

I tired both Desktop Client and Web both does not work


Have attached the image for the Web



Issue exists in both browser and Windows 10 app. 


Have used Chrome and Edge browsers and have same problem. 


OS and browsers are all current versions. Also removed any pop up blocking on browsers, although I didn't believe necessary. Other tabs such as Planner work fine when added. 

I can confirm that this is working for us - I had no problem with the setup. Not that it should matter but trello account is setup with same email address as teams account...

Good to hear it is working for some, however, still having same issue since announcement and appearance of Trello option within tabs. I also have same email address associated with each account so definitely don't believe that is a factor.

Hi Mansoor,


Any update on Trello Tab not functioning properly for many of us?


Today, I've noticed for the first time, when I select Trello from the options of tabs to create/open, there is a very brief moment where I can see the words "Select Board" appear. However, it quickly disappears to the greyed out screen image shared on my original post. So it does appear the option to select a board is at least trying to pop through now for the first time in dozens of my previous attempts.


Hoping we can get issue fixed soon or the option to add a Trello board can be removed (along with revised press release announcements) to save others from frustration until fully operational?  


Thank you 

I have the exact same situation as Todd.   Firefox, Chrome and desktop app.  Frozen after logging in to Trello with no display of the tab.


Please let us know the status.


@Todd Anderson This is not happening with all users but the good news is that we have a fix and working with Trello to have it deploy soon. 

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Hello Everyone, 


We deployed a fix today and it should be working for everyone. If it is not, let us know! 


Once again, thanks for reporting the issue!




Bob, please try again - we deployed a fix today.

tab options.pngThe Trello option is not presented within "Add a tab" (see attached). I've restarted Teams, no luck. Is there an Admin piece required for this to show?

Hello Mansoor,

It works - thank you! Teams forced me to log out and back in (or timed out) and I was able to configure 2 Trello boards from our account to 2 different Team channels.


@Arul Selvaraj your tenant admin may have turned off the 3rd party apps in Teams. 

they can enable them by going to the admin portal is:
Microsoft Teams > Apps > Allow external apps in Microsoft Teams
Detailed settings: