Translation in Teams Meetings

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need a Translation in a Teams Meeting, What options there are?
Kudo host the Meeting on a other Plattform and ist not really a option.



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You have three options there:
(1) Live Captions: It must be enabled individually by meeting attendees
(2) Meeting Transcript: It can be enabled just by an user with the required permissions in the meeting
(3) PowerPoint Live translation: It can be used invidually by meeting attendees

@upfaffer81 @Juan Carlos González Martín 


Live captions or transcripts won't solve the real-time translation. The selected language is being processed in that particular language for all in the meeting with captions enabled.


I would like to add another alternative, use in a separate browser window next to your meeting window. It will process real-time, and not only one language.

Interesting, I don't see in the initial question the need of real time translation and different languages over the table. Of course, if the scenario gets complicated then the solution is not so easy. By the way, Live captions work on a per user basics and Meeting Transcript is for all the meeting attendees. Curious to know your approach to pass the meeting info. to the translator window

@Juan Carlos González Martín Perhaps we simply interpreted the question differently ;)


It's a per-user policy, but language is not as you'll change it for the others too.




Simply schedule a normal Teams meeting, minimize windows and run next to each other, or if you have two screens. Your imagination sets the limit :p


why translator not fully integrate in Teams? :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:
we know translation in Teams is already updated from "only English" to " multi language" as a single choice to all attendee in the meeting in a time
but looks translator will be better?(even the quality is still not good enough)
please don't give me'm kind of people want to discuss root cause, which of cause you have right to reject me:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

@AnqB0VVRJMzsO6zV Not a very productive reply. We are community members, not working for Microsoft.


The Teams PG is working on it Add a Real-time translation feature for Teams meeting