Transferring files from sub-folders in server to Teams

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We are moving a bunch of folders/files from our soon to be decommissioned NAS server into channels in Teams. For some reason, I am unable to move files from sub-folders. So for example I have ABCFolder which is the root folder. That root folder contains files, and sub-folders. Those sub-folders contain files, and sub-folders, etc. If I pull the ABCFolder across to my channel, it will pull across the ABCFolder and all the files it contains, along with the sub-folders and all other sub-folders. But only the sub-folder names. Beyond the root folder, no other files get pulled across. I have to go into each sub-folder and then copy the files across. Go into the next sub-folder and copy the files across. WHY????? I cannot find any setting, rhyme, or reason to this. Not the end of the world but time consuming :(


Edit: specifically, I have the channel open on one monitor and the network drive on the other monitor. I am using the drag and drop method to copy the files over. 

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@PaulConcannon (hey, that's me!)


Ok, so I cracked the code on this one, for the next person who comes across this issue. The secret ingredient is One Drive. One Drive acts as a go-between. You need to copy your folder across to One Drive, and then, while in One Drive, choose to move the folder. You can then pick the channel on the left hand side and drill down to where you want to place the folder. Et Voila! Everything comes across. C'est bon!

Save a step, and just open the Team SharePoint site, go to documents "The Team documents" where you will see the Channel folders such as General in it.


 Then at the root "Add to OneDrive". This will add a Folder in your OneDrive Sync folder direct to the Team files. Then you can just directly drag the files to OneDrive Linked folder to your Team, you don't have to go to OneDrive then hope the move to doesn't miss anything etc.

@PaulConcannon  Just wanted to give you a shout out for putting your solution up.  I had the same issue!

Chris, I don't know what you mean by "at the root" [in Teams? in SharePoint? in File Explorer?] and I can't find any options "Add to OneDrive." Can you help?