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Please i need your help on this issue.


One of my customer want to get transcription of a shared mailbox in a Teams meeting. 

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Hello @MikeJohn1710,

to obtain a transcription for a Teams meeting managed through a shared mailbox, specific steps and prerequisites need to be followed:

  1. Creating Meetings: The meeting must be created by a delegate using the shared mailbox's calendar.
  2. Updating Meetings: Any changes to the meeting must also be made through the shared mailbox's calendar.
  3. Updating Meeting Options: Meeting options can only be updated by the delegate who organized the meeting or by co-organizers with delegate access to the shared mailbox.
  4. Managing Meeting Recordings: The user who starts the recording of a meeting can manage it if the shared mailbox has both a Teams license and a custom meeting policy that allows cloud recordings.
  5. Managing Breakout Rooms: To manage breakout rooms, the shared mailbox must have a Teams license assigned, and the user must be a co-organizer with delegate access to the shared mailbox.

For live transcription in Teams meetings:

  • Go to the meeting controls and select "More actions".
  • Choose "Start transcription" from the "Record and transcribe" menu.
  • If you also want to record the meeting, select "More options" again and then "Start recording".

Please note that shared mailboxes are not intended for direct sign-ins. Keep the shared mailbox account in a disabled state and avoid resetting the password or signing in with the shared mailbox user account.


Available Teams meeting features for shared mailboxes - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn



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