Transcription and Recording buttons confusion

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I just had a call with a user who thought he had recorded his meeting. He had clicked (he thought) the start recording button, and he saw the purple banner (but didn't read it) and the red dot and got on with facilitating his meeting. At the end, he went to hit Stop recording and the option wasn't there - only start recording. He did, but it only recorded the last minute of the meeting as everyone dropped off. However, the transcript was of the whole meeting. We discovered that the buttons for Start Recording and Start Transcription are right next to each other in the menu, and they have the same user experience - red dot in the top left corner, purple banner.

It seems like a very easy mistake to make. Can you reconsider the design to make this mistake either less easy to make (separate the buttons) or make the dot/banner colors different for transcription than recording? 

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Hello, you can always add that feedback from within Teams or go directly to Teams UserVoice. Recently they introduced some features I would like to highlight. One of them makes the recording and transcripts to start automatically at the same time as long as you have the AllowCloudRecording and AllowTranscripts enabled in your Teams meeting policy. You can also put the meeting option toggle to auto-record the meeting when it starts.

So reach out to your IT admin to get the former verified and for the latter see the below support page
Thank you. We do not want to automate recordings globally at my company for a variety of reasons (risk management). I will submit this via uservoice - it is my understanding that is being deprecated so I tried here. My feedback is focused on the fact that the record and transcribe buttons are next to each other with no icon that makes them visually distinct, and the user experience is identical, which can deepen the confusion/potential for error.