Tracking meeting responses in Teams

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My team is an early adopter of Office 365 tools in our organisation.  We're trying to use Teams to arrange one of our regular meetings (understanding Teams is road mapped to ultimately replace Skype for Business ...)


Below is a screenshot of a test meeting: although I can see the accepted/tentative/declined status, these users also added some "why I cannot make the meeting" text to their response.  Where can I see these responses?  




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Afaik you should be able to see this in your calendar!
The meeting tab is being replaced by the calendar tab which will be a much better experience with much more functionality in teams regarding meetings/ the calendar

Thanks for the reply


In my Outlook calendar?  The item does appear in there with accept/tentative/decline info under tracking but no "I can't attend this meeting because xyz" text responses.


We have no calendar tab or similar in the team channel this occurred in

Ok! The calendar tab is rolling out very soon! I do not know if this will help but you should be able to have better tracking and options there
If this was created by you it should be in your calendar with the responses since Exchange handles the invites, if it's a channel meeting where you picked a channel thou, then the original might be in the Group calendar for the Team. The issue thou, is these are hidden by default and you would have to undo this via powershell so you can see the group and get to the calendar.

@Ben Tatham 


Can anyone think of a reason(s) why I wouldn't be able to see whether a guest user that's responded to an invitation by clicking on accept or tentative or decline in an email, doesn't show as accepted or declined when I click on the scheduled meeting in my Teams calendar? The invited guest user shows to the right in the window, much like the pic in the original post of this thread. Unknown is the only word showing beneath the guest user rather than accepted or declined.



I am having the same problem, it says unknown when I know members have accepted. Did you get an answer?



@AlexSinha  Was this ever fixed?

Issue is still on-going here, anything planned to solve it ?


I can only support your request.

Having these gaps between user replies and what Teams shows in Participants list is a really ugly bug.

Yeah It's still not resolved as of 2/27/21. I think the best would be to add yourself to the invite list next time so that you can get the replies on outlook in stead. Let me know if that works.