Track Changes Automatically applied in Teams

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Does anyone know if Track Changes are automatically turned on when someone makes edits in a Word document stored in Teams? I've done a number of tests and that seems to be the case but I can't find documentation on this anywhere! I'd like to share it with my colleagues in our Legal department to make them more comfortable with the collaboration functions in Teams. 


Also, I've noticed that when "Editing Restrictions" are applied to a Word document, it disables the collaboration functions within Teams and changes the @mention notification that the recipient receives. That notification does not give them the comment previews and does not take them directly to the comment in the document. I can't find documentation on this either or if there is a bug fix in progress. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Look for the version history information in OneDrive and SharePoint. That's where the files are actually stored.
Track Changes is enabled automatically if the document is in the cloud. Try editing a local document and you will see that it is not enable.
Track changes is needed for live sharing.
Hi Ed,

That makes total sense to me that track changes is needed for live sharing. I wish that we're written expressly in the documentation so I could share it with our Legal team to address their concerns. Thanks for your reply!


Hi, I don't see this feature (Track Changes ) is switched ON when I uploaded a Word document to Teams from my OneDrive.