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In LIVE Event when you 'end' the session the presenters and producers are still on the call and are able to chat about how it went etc.  I haven't been able to get this working in Town Hall.  Does anyone know if it is possible or whether it is something that will be considered?   OR - Is there another alternative in MS Teams that I could be using that is more similar to LIVE Event (since it is being disabled). 


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Hi @Andrea1712,

in Microsoft Teams, the Town Hall feature operates distinctively compared to the Live Event feature. When concluding a Town Hall meeting, it concludes for all participants, including presenters and producers. This is unlike Live Events, where presenters and producers can remain on the call after the session concludes.

As an alternative to Live Events, Microsoft Teams is shifting towards the Town Hall feature, slated to replace Live Events on September 30, 2024. Town Halls are designed for delivering well-produced events to both large and small audiences, incorporating many of the capabilities of Live Events along with additional advanced features.

If you seek a feature allowing presenters and producers to stay on the call post-session, providing feedback to Microsoft for potential future enhancements might be worthwhile (Microsoft Teams · Community)

Switch from Microsoft Teams live events to town halls - Microsoft Support

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