Together Mode in Win8.1

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Good afternoon. Watching a video about the recent new Teams functionality, together mode, I was informed that it might not work on Windows 8 and 8.1 and would certainly work on 10.
I have a Dell notebook with Win8.1 and I tested it today and really and the auditorium mode didn't work.
I would not like to upgrade to 10 now.
Has anyone tested on Win8 or 8.1?
Any tips?


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Hi @MMadruga,


Well that took some doing, getting Win8.1 installed and enough demo accounts to have 5 participants so together mode became available but here is proof that Win8.1 is not an issue or at least not when I tried (See attached).


So when you say it doesn't work is it actively an option or just greyed out as you do need to have at least 5 participants in a meeting for it to become available.


Also and I know you probably already know this but you really should move to Win 10, it is a fantastic OS and you will have to at some point anyway. However I don't think the OS is your issue.











@henryarphillips365 , thanks. I will try and post the result here.