Time zone confusion in legacy meeting invitations

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Few days ago, someone invited me to a MS Teams call via my personal non-MS mail.


In my Mailer's UI (GMX), die event was shown as:


> am Mo, 04.05.2020, 13:30 Uhr - 14:30 Uhr (UTC+01:00)


and the source of the mailed calendar file shows


> DTSTART;TZID=W. Europe Standard Time:20200504T133000
> DTEND;TZID=W. Europe Standard Time:20200504T143000


The above two informations match. Unfortunately, I live in the zone CEST (Central [not Western] European [Summer] Time) which is CET+2. The event was actually at


> Mo, 04.05.2020 13:30 – 14:30 CEST


Obviously, the same absolute time value (13:30) is on one place interpreted as UTC+1 and on another as UTC+2, so in fact it is not the same time anymore.


I think this is a bug in Teams or Outlook because the generated calendar file comes from there and  both Outlook and Teams show the date correctly

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