Throwing in the towel on Teams

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I've been slowly trying to get my company to adopt Teams for our telecon meetings in an attempt to wean everyone off Zoom. It's been a struggle. Lots of negative comments from some "vocal" users about the issues and challenges they have with the platform. I was hopeful I was making progress until yesterday!


I was on a very critical Teams meetings with some of the senior leadership at my company. The Teams call quality was the worst I've ever seen. Everyone was complaining about echoing, video latency, several people got dropped from the meeting and had to reconnect. One girl's video just froze completely. We all got so frustrated we decided to end the Teams call about 15 minutes into our meeting. We had an admin send out a Zoom link to everyone. Unsurprisingly after we all connected to the Zoom meeting, it was a flawless experience for everyone. Crystal clear audio, video, and zero latency.


The VP called me after the meeting ended and said let's ditch Teams and stick to Zoom. With egg on my face, I admitted I agreed with her!


I've been reading articles that explain how network issues can affect the quality of a Teams call. I'm sorry but I call BS on that. How would a Zoom call for all of the same participants all connecting from their same networks be near perfect just a few minutes later?


This post is really just a vent. I wanted Teams to work for my company, but it's back to the "better" platform for us. We need something reliable and that works consistently well.


Bye Teams!



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I’m sorry about your experience! Exactly what caused this is hard to tell, but it seems you got all bad luck into one meeting :)