This new-look 'Outlook' which has been foisted on us is awful. How I can go back to the last versio?

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As heading.

I and everyone else I know HATES this 'new' Outlook. How can we revert to the previous version or even choose a 'classical view'?


Also, when will MS realise that many people DO NOT HAVE permanent access to the internet and DO NOT WANT Office 365.... I for one am quite happy with my Office suite 2010 and wish to continue using it ..... now it seems you're trying to base everything around 365 .......

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You just uncheck the "Coming Soon" to off in the top right corner. I don't mind the new look, it's not that big a deal to me, it's still pretty much the same. So now you know one person that doesn't hate the new Outlook :P.

Thanks... but I can't see any 'coming soon' anywhere on my screen?

Are you talking about desktop client or web?

Um .... web

@Chris Webb wrote:
Are you talking about desktop client or web?

I think!!!

Oh I was talking about the desktop client update. Not sure you can go back on the web one at this point. It was preview for awhile, think it's released now.
There’s pros and cons with clous services :)
Nothing to do for you unfortunately
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