The user can't attach file on Microsoft teams chat on web and app.

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The user was previously a guest and now I changed to member in user type on Azure AD.  I already checked all policies on Microsoft Teams admin center for this user and there effective policy as Global (Org-wide default), assignment type as Default assignment. I tried run diagnostic in Admin Center and got result like 2nd and done follow as 3rd images. But that user still can't upload file and MS Teams show the error like 4th image below.

Screenshot 2024-02-11 at 23.56.42.pngScreenshot 2024-02-12 at 00.00.29.pngScreenshot 2024-02-12 at 00.00.48.png

Screenshot 2024-02-11 at 23.46.09.png


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Hi @aphisit_n_protoss,

the issue doesn't relate to the user's status or Microsoft Teams policies but is tied to the essential need for a OneDrive license. 

Even after modifying the user type in Azure AD and thoroughly reviewing policies in the Microsoft Teams admin center, file upload remains restricted because the user lacks the required OneDrive license.

To integrate OneDrive with Microsoft Teams, users require a license having both Microsoft Teams and OneDrive. Two minimum licence options include:

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