the students start the meeting even before the scheduled time. only presenter should start it.

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Participants are able to start a scheduled meeting before the scheduled time, even if none of them are the presenter. It gives them a chance to indulge in unnecessary discussion. Is there any method to stop this. Only the presenter should be able to start hte meeting.


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Currently it is not possible to stop them from joining the meeting early. It is like they meet outside of the classroom and talk before you open up the classroom.

But Microsoft is working on a feature that will force everyone to wait in the lobby until a presenter opens up the meeting and admit lobby users to join. This comes from a uservoice request that you can vote for to make this feature come faster.

Hi @Saji_Mannval 


Yes currently there is no feature available to restrict the students from starting the meeting. Microsoft is working on the same and they would be releasing the feature soon on the same.



1. You can schedule a Normal Outlook Meeting Invite without the Teams Invitation 

2. Just before the start of the call you can send the meeting invite via email or send the same in the Microsoft Teams Channel.


The above steps will be not be an ideal solution for your requirement but it would prevent the students from indulging in unnecessary discussion.


Let me know if this helps.


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Satish U


I am using Teams with my students. I set up a meeting in Teams for a specific time. I changed the settings for the lobby to "only me." I had 3 students starting the meeting before I joined. Do you have any advice or maybe something I missed in the settings?

Hello @NatalieO   Are the students still set as presenters instead of attendees?


Here's another video to review on this subject:

In this step-by-step tutorial video, learn how to make students wait in the Microsoft Teams meeting lobby until the teacher admits them. By making students w...

@ThereseSolimeno  Are you saying that if you set the bypass lobby option to "Only me," but allow students to be presenters, this overrides the lobby setting and lets students join whenever they want anyway? The video you posted was helpful, but when he talks about the presenter setting, he says it's unrelated to the lobby setting.


I personally want to restrict anyone from entering the meeting before me, but I do want to give those I admit the ability to present (and would prefer to have these settings in place before the meeting begins, rather than having to change it once it's begun). However, if I have to, I will change the presenter permissions in real-time, as shown under "During a meeting" here.

@Meg73 If you set Lobby to "Only me" it should be only you even if students are presenters.


Do you create a new meeting each time or have you reused meetings? Can you repeat this error?

Thanks,@Linus Cansby That makes sense to me, but appears not to be @NatalieO's experience. I actually haven't had the issue (I have yet to have my first meeting, but am trying to troubleshoot beforehand). It was @NatalieO that mentioned it above, so maybe she can let us know if it happened more than once, and/or if she's still having that issue.

Hi dear ,

1-you should stop the students from  entering  the meeting before the scheduled time.

2- I scheduled the  meetings(using custom option) for the whole semester ,but sometimes can not see the "join button" at the beginning of the meeting

3- there is a delay in the recording sometimes( difference between the sound and picture).

4- there is a problem with the sound(there is noise ).

student can @Linus Cansby 

I really want to be just like my teacher Ms Gee so that is why I am doing this