The same channel is serveral teams

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Hi. We are new to Teams and are just now creating our "Teams Organisation". We see the need to connect (or sync) a channel into several different teams. Is this possible, or is there another way to see "channel-information" without having to look for it in several teams. 



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A channel only exists in a single Team, and cannot be be connected / synced to another Team as such.

Are you interested in the conversations in that channel, or the files?

If it's the files, you could configure the permissions on the SharePoint folder for that channel as required, then add that library / folder as a tab in other Teams.

If it is more about the conversations, you would need to perhaps have a separate Team, which all the relevant users are members of, and use a channel in that Team.

@Martin380 There is also a new "Cross channel posting" function coming later. Currently listed for release in September (postponed from July). With this feature you will be able to post to multiple channels within the same team or in channels in different teams.

and in the meantime, you could sort of fake that functionality, by getting the email address for the relevant channel in each Team - then sending an email to all of those email addresses - which is effectively the same as cross posting (but does involve email, so not ideal).

@Rob Ellis Thanks, interesting with cross posting.


We also use external members, outside our organisation. As I understand it, all members are in the "teams-level" and not in the "channel-level". We will use Teams for our product developments and the idea was/is to form different teams for different developments tasks: electronics, mechanics, marketing, sales, purchasing etc. Sometimes, espacially for external members, there can be confidentiality issues. It would be great if it was possible to invite certain members to a specific channel instead of "the hole team". This way, the team could have general discussions without revealing secrets to the "only-channel-members".

How do other organisations deal with this? It feels like this issue would not be unique for us...

Currently you would be best to create additional Teams, and have your guests as members in those (although I appreciate that comes with an overhead due to potentially doubling up on the number of Teams).

Rolling out from September will be 'private channels' - where you can lock down a channel to a subset of the Team members - so that will be worth considering.