The chat icon is gone

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While using the Teams, the chat icon disappeared, and all users in my company were left with no access to this feature.

I believe some parameter was lost. I need help adjusting my environment.

Does anyone know how to adjust?


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My users lost IM capability today for awhile, but quitting Teams and restarting restored it. BTW - now I can't get into the TAC.
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First, see this post:

Something might have happened! Does it come back doing a logout / login?

If not, have someone maybe edit the messaging policy and removed private chat:


@adam deltinger 


Thanks very much !

We going to try this sugestion.

One our customers are affected as well. Everything is set correctly in administration and Microsoft Support has verified all should be ok, but still no Chat available. Waiting for Microsoft to return with an update. @Emenezes 

Might be an wider MS issue then! Keep us posted!


Right @adam deltinger  !

@adam deltinger 


We already configuration de policies messaging, but we don´t found any problems.

See the image attached.

Seems this could be an MS issue then! Also create a ticket yourself!


@adam deltinger @Emenezes Almost 3 days now and we still have not heard anything from MS. Latest update was that they have gathered logs and all the info and they would look into it, and then now 3 days have past and just total silence.

Its almost like a one-way communication I can only e-mail them not call.

My customer is very unhappy they use the Chat function on meetings so they need it, and they are postpone meetings to wait for a solution.


So many problems with Teams I wish they would wait till it was more mature..


Hi Guys.


This happened to us today too. Around 3:30PM PST April 11, 2019. If this is a Microsoft Wide outage, can anyone get in touch with Microsoft Teams team to get this fixed? I have other teams accounts and those are not affected.

Hi@adam deltinger and everyone.


Found a work around and I hope it will work with everyone.


1. Went to

2. Logged with admin credentials.

3. Click on USERS -> (Select a user to try this. In my case, I used my account to test it.)

4. On the bottom right side, you will see a header TEAMS UPGRADE. Next to it is EDIT. Click on Edit

5. You will get a COEXISTENCE MODE. I selected ISLANDS (which means users can use both skype for business and teams apps.). Click Save.

6. Click on Messaging Policies.

7. Create a New Policy

8. Select all the default of that policy and put a description.

9. Click Save

10. Go back to Users -> (account you were testing)

11. Go to Assigned Policies -> Next to it is Edit. Click Edit

12. On messaging policy, Select the new policy you just created.

13. Click save.

14. Log out of your teams app.

15. Wait 1-2 hours for the settings to work. and I'm back online.


Good luck.



Some tenants are affected but far from everyone. Ours got fixed but I don't if MS did anything. After I updated the case with MS to let them know it worked again they just said they would keep the ticket open to verify it kept working. It was open for almost 2 days to monitor, and then we agreed to close.


For this specific tenant I have put in a request for rollback to SfB in Island Mode with Teams, because this tenant is new and thus MS has made it Teams Only! but they have had a horde of issues with Teams so we hope to get Skype back for them. However, reportedly Skype will be removed again after 3 months.

It just happened for me and I sent an email so let's try and wait shall we?