The camera is on, but the image is not displayed

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I have a question about Teams.


At a Teams meeting, the video of the other party may not be displayed on the monitor of this room.

The image on this side is reflected in the other party.

Other participants are said to be showing the video of the other party, so it seems that the video is not off.

It seems that it was solved until now by connecting and disconnecting the cable with the monitor, but it seems that it could not be solved by this method the other day.

It takes time to restart the device, so it seems that he has not tried it when a failure occurs.

It seems that when I restarted after the meeting, it came to be displayed without problems.


That's it.

I want you to tell me the solution.

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We are experiencing the exact same issue. Picture from camera is seen in the room, but the remote participants can't see the image coming from the room. This is on Poly X30/X50/G7500 android based MS Teams devices.
It is a know bug on Poly devices. Microsoft is aware but please do report the problem for logging!