The calendar missing from the side, unable to schedule Teams meeting

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I have this issue that the calendar does not show up in the desktop MS Teams application.

It was working fine when running on MS Team Classic version(retired), and recently have subscribed to the Teams Essential, and found not able to schedule a meeting. When looking through the past comments, which was quite old, and the interface is not the same to find out the problem.

Is there some setting required with the current Teams version?

My install version as: Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit)

Any help will be appreciated.




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@Fischer159557 Does it show if you select the More added apps (...) button? You may just need to pin it.

Where do I find the "More added apps" button? I tried to Manage your apps-> Get more apps, search for Calendar.. but does not show up with Calendar apps.. get results like, Channel calendar, Group Calendar, Bookings,. but these are not the standard calendar apps.
Thanks for the suggestion.

@Fischer159557 it’s just the ellipsis here:



Yes, click that. think the button text now is "Get more apps". From the list, Calendar is not there.

@Fischer159557 That's odd! It's should have something like this, before you select the 'Get more apps' button, unless you don't have any other apps installed.



If you're on Teams Essentials, there may be some extra configuration you need to do. This video walks through email which would also impact your calendar: Microsoft Teams Essentials: The Setup, Intro & Tutorial - YouTube