Test call option not showing up in Teams?

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I've downloaded a personal version of Teams and need to test it.


However, the 'Test call' option is not available? 


I've tried 2 methods:


1) typing 'Test call' in the search bar and pressing enter - nothing happens when I do this!

2) going to Settings then Devices then checking for the 'Test call' option  - but it's not there!


I've attached what I can see when I got to Devices and what I should be able to see (from a video I watched online)

I'm using Version (64-bit).


Can anyone please advise?


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This version of Teams desktop client should have "Make a test call" feature see below my client with same version on Win10. Did you using the same version running on other OS?




Hi @Little_Joe thanks for your response. 


I've only got one OS, at the moment - Windows 10..... 


Do you have any other ideas for how to fix the problem, please? 



Suggest you uninstall the current version of Teams client and download the latest one from below link:


Thanks for your response.

I'd actually already done that before posting the question on this thread.

Any other ideas?

Which type of account you're using? Microsoft Account or Work/School account ?
Good question - I actually have both - two accounts, under the same e-mail address....

When I launch the Teams app on my desktop, however, it defaults to the Personal account.

Would the type of account make a difference?



Yes, if you're using the Chat with Microsoft Teams (the version only focus on chat & meeting) and sign-in with your personal account then you will not see this option. See the below screenshot from my laptop with that version for your reference.





@Little_Joe Is there a way to test your mic works in Teams then?

Unfortunately, u still cannot test it with Home version of Teams, however you can test it with School or Work version of Teams.

Hi @JMW4567 


I had the same issue, which is how I found this forum.
You will not see the make Test Call Option depending on what sort of account you have with MS Teams (i.e., Home, School, Business etc.).
I checked that my version of the app was uptodate, but I still wasn't seeing the option (whilst signed in with my home account). I signed in with my business account and I see the issue is fixed.

Hope this helps