Tenant to tenant migration.. The Teams Factor

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Has anyone had any experience with successfully migrating Teams configuration as part of a Tenant to Tenant migration.  What are the key considerations and potential issues.  

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There are third-party products that cover most aspects of T2T migration, look them up online. Microsoft does not offer anything natively, and doing it manually is overkill even for smaller orgs, given the complexity of different workloads involved.

@B_Rooke Teams is the complex workload for migration, given its nature and integration with other M365 services. Consider your Teams usage in terms of the services utilized, such as Wiki, Planner, Stream (Meeting recording), Yammer communities and you need to migrate Teams personal chat migration. Consider these workloads supported for migration when you choose the third party app. 

Check this ebook out, it's a comprehensive checklist for Teams Tenant to Tenant Migration: https://www.avepoint.com/ebook/teams-to-teams-migration-checklist
Apps4.Pro Migration manager is the complete solution for your Teams migration. Its migration includes Shared channels, Teams EDU tenants and 1:1 chats (rehydrates in target).