Tenant AD account changed from member to guest user type is seen as a member in Teams

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I'm testing a scenario where I want to create accounts for external partners in my Azure AD tenant in a way to manage these accounts and know exactly what will be their login experience. I don't want to use Azure AD paid features so I guess I'm ok regarding licencing. 


My requirements are:

a) I do not want them to be part of the "Everyone Except External Users" security group so they will not have access to SharePoint/O365 groups public sites by default

b) I want them to be seen as guest in Teams if they are invited to a Teams (In a way to enable/disable  guest options)

c) I don't want them to be part of org-wide Teams


So I've created the accounts in Azure AD, changed the account user type from member to guest with PowerShell


Everything is working as expected and all my requirements are met. The only thing that is misleading is the guest user role in Teams that is showing "Member" instead of "Guest" (even if they are and behave like guests)


Is this normal?






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