Telephone call from MS Teams with 3rd party voip client

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We use a non Microsoft voip telephony client in coexistance with MS teams [without PSTN telephony]. We would like to integrate the telephony deeper into MS teams. In the attached screen shot, for example, it should be possible to place a PSTN call with our voip client, when either

- the phonenumber is clicked or

- a button is clicked. This button should be placed next to the envelope button

(which generates an e-mail with outlook)

Our voip client can be called with callto: and tel: protocol.


Can anybody help here?

Thanks a lot!


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Hi @Remedur 


Not sure if this would address your queries or not. But there are my two suggestions for services.


1. On one of the user account try to associate the Tel URI with the VOIP Application in the Control Panel as see if that works. Should be the easy fix if available.

2. Incase you want to use your Non Teams Certified PSTN System with Microsoft Teams why not integrate the same with the Microsoft Teams Platform by using a Microsoft Teams Certified SBC and that should fix all the issue and Microsoft Teams Platform will be the interface for the PSTN Services rather than using two separate application in Silos.


Teams Certified SBC Approved by Microsoft 


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Satish U



@Satish2805 Hello Satish

Thanks for your replay!

Can you elaborate a bit more in detail the option 1.

Thanks a lot!

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