Teams won't update to new meeting layout

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Hi there, first time posting here.


I've search the internet and find it odd that i wont find nothing talking about this (usually i find a solution or at least someone else complaining about some little issue that I'm having), but my MS teams won't update to the new meet layout even with it updated to the latest version


I can't upload images, but to clarify I still have the "call bar" in the center instead of having it in the top...


Someone else with this issue or is there something that I'm missing?

Thank you 


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- Do you have a similar experience in the web client?

- Are you the only person in your org affected by this, or same for all people?

- What version of the Teams Desktop client are you running?


Hi @Ben Donaldson 


Thank you for your answer


I've never checked the web client, but it's actually the same 

Some of my colegues have the new layout and others are like me , but this could be a policy thing?

I'm on the (64 bits)