Teams won't stop installing!

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I uninstalled teams. It keeps installing. I told it not to in the admin center. New Teams I am sure is great but it will not install for me and there is no technical help on it. The best I found is to delete tmy profile which I have had for 10 years and I do not want to do that.   



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Do the admins here just block the posting a few days so that it gets disappeared? I made this posting then it said it was waiting on something. Now it's pushed way down.
Can you clarify what you mean when you say "it keeps installing" and also "it will not install"?

From your screenshot, it looks like the new Teams is installed but you're not able to sign in, and you are a Teams administrator. That being the case, you can try running the diagnostic:
The new teams is installed but anytime it will not open. I have Teams Classic and it works fine. I tried fixing the issue for months because I knew the New Teams was being rolled out mandatory.

What happens is the new teams tries to start. It puts a line item in the log. That is all. Here is the log:

The best answer I found was to delete my profile as others said that fixes the issue but I don't want to do that. I've had my profile for 10 years.