Teams Won't Load

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I cannot tell you how frustrated I am!!!

My Teams stopped loading - either my own account or using a link from another person.

I uninstalled it and reinstalled it but I just get a blue spinning wheel on the sign in page.

I tried the virtual assistant - who put in to chat with a person - who could only deal with "basic queries" - so they gave me a link to phone numbers WHICH took me back to the virtual assistant!!!

I am so fed up - can't believe that they are calling this a service.

Really hoping someone can help please.

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This helped me too. Thank you!
To clarify Christian's excellent advice, delete the files in that folder but not the numerous folders within the Teams folder. Thank you very much sir - I was reluctant to delete everything but eventually I concluded I had nothing anyway so really had nothing to lose.
Delete Teams Cache. If Microsoft Teams won't open properly on your PC it could be that one of the cache or temp files is corrupted. This is an easy fix. All you have to do is delete Cache and temporary files.


when you say "delete" everything in %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams ... what exactly do you mean? @Corinne1967 

Thank you Christian! Teams sorted and back up and running. :)


This just helped me out massively and saved me after half an hour of looking and no help, you are a legend and once again cheers.

It also worked LIKE A CHARM for me. Thanks!@ChristianJBergstrom 



I cannot even load the link provided. I do have another account through my primary employer which works via web. I am used to signing out and signing in to my other account but it no longer loads. It recognizes my account and then never completes loading on the web and the app simply states that there is a problem.


Any guidance appreciated!

This helped me lickity split! THANK YOU. My Teams on my personal PC hasn't been loading for over a couple months - and I have an important interview on Teams in a couple days, so realized I'd better sort it out. This desktop app reset did the trick.
I realize this is an older thread, but I just ran into this issue today. I have updated W11, rebooted, uninstalled Teams, reinstalled Teams, cleared the cache (deleted the files); ALL repeatedly throughout the afternoon. Teams will not load and I get the "We're sorry--we've run into an issue" and logging and/or try again does not work. I have Googled and YouTubed and followed all the recommendations I could find--still won't load. It did work several months ago, and is working on my W10 machines. Help would be apricated.

This  was the ticket for me.  So much so that I keep a desktop shortcut at the ready. I use Teams about once a year so my memory is not to be trusted.

Yes, thanks. I mentioned above that I have tried that numerous times without any success; hence my reposting the problem.

Pardon me for trying to help without wading through 2 pages of your history.  Good luck.