Teams Won't Load

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I cannot tell you how frustrated I am!!!

My Teams stopped loading - either my own account or using a link from another person.

I uninstalled it and reinstalled it but I just get a blue spinning wheel on the sign in page.

I tried the virtual assistant - who put in to chat with a person - who could only deal with "basic queries" - so they gave me a link to phone numbers WHICH took me back to the virtual assistant!!!

I am so fed up - can't believe that they are calling this a service.

Really hoping someone can help please.

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@ChristianJBergstrom THANK YOU!  This is like Wizardry!  Can't believe it... just worked!  :folded_hands:

have to delete the folder every time before launching teams, especially after each computer rebooting.

I see, @_GZjieying , thank-you.  That's unfortunate :unamused:

This worked great, Thanks @ChristianJBergstrom 

@ChristianJBergstrom This worked perfectly - thank you!

@ChristianJBergstrom the fix worked.. thank you very much! only problem is i have to use this fix after every restart of my machine.. is anyone else having to do this also?

@dommarsh  me too, ends up full of re-installation of windows10

Delete (almost) everything worked for me. I deleted everything I was allowed. I think periodically I will do the same.



Thank you this also solved my problem.



This solved my issue with Teams not loading as well. Thank you!



Thanks buddy, this worked for me. 

Thanks Christian, very helpful. Worked for me.
Thanks! I was a little nervous as there were a lot of files and folders in the "Teams" directory, but your solution worked for me.
same issue.
%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\teams deletion, restart, re-install did not help.
Works like a charm! Unfortunately I have to periodically repeat this, but I think it may be due to company PC updates, not Microsoft. Thanks for being awesome Christian!
Hey! I used this fix earlier this week but I have had to do this multiple times a day for a particular user, is there an additional measure I can take for a more permanent solution?

@CoryM75 Hi, try the suggestions at the bottom of this page Force Teams desktop client update - Page 2 - Microsoft Tech Community


Hi Christian

I have tried all your fixes to no avail - is there anything else I can do?

Thank you!

This was SOOOO Helpful! THANKS SO MUCH CHRISTIAN! This is the only thing that worked! You'ret best!
Thank you, Christian! Even after my IT department tried to help, I continued to have the same issue. Your suggestion fixed it perfectly! Thank you very much!