Teams will not launch a scheduled meeting

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I have scheduled a number meetings in Teams  though when I try to launch them I get a message saying 'we ran into a problem' and to try again in a few mintues.


What can I do to get the meetings to launch successfully?


If it is relevant, I am using a free version of Teams.



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@jcc123 This could be any number of things but support will need a bit more information from you to help.  The best thing to do is go to and the agents there can troubleshoot.  They'll need to know if  you have any other instances of Teams open (client or browser) and how you're trying to join the meeting (desktop, mobile, browser).  They'll likely also ask you if this happened with the same timeframe or over time - have you ever been able to join any of your meetings?  Can other people join the meetings you are scheduling? You might check these similar issues to see if any of them are the same as what you are experiencing before you go through the trouble of opening your own ticket.  Results in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Community


Good luck!