Teams will not allow transfer to calls starting with a Star *

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Hi All


We have an issue with Teams and Direct Routing, where I cannot transfer a call to a number that starts with a star * or pound #.


I can dial those numbers directly from the dial pad as a new call, but if I press transfer and then try to transfer to say *681247, the transfer button is greyed out. The * or # are set as Feature Access Codes on the PBX(Broadworks)


I keep getting told it is a translation rule issue, but I'm not sure it can be as otherwise I wouldn't be able to dial it directly.


I am trying to find out if this is by design or a bug.


Can anyone help?




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Hi @edthrussell, I can reproduce the issue with my client and would suggest opening a ticket at Microsoft.

When I try dial a phone number starting with * in the calling app, the call button is enabled. When I try the same in the transfer dialog, the transfer button becomes directly inactive.


When you use Teams Direct Routing: try to implement a workaround by using a special prefix and manipulate this prefix in the SBC to *. For example, you transfer the call to 99681247 and the SBC manipulates the prefix 99 to *681247.


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