Teams wiki tenant migration

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We recently performed a successful O365 tenant migration however look like the team wiki failed to be migrated across  .


I do have the the wiki raw data( text and images) in MHTML format and was wondering how to re-import this into the new tenant if its possible or what 3rd party tool is best to use to achieve this 

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@gboskin Hello, I don't think it's possible. You would at least need a third-party tool. Perhaps another member has experience from this and what software is required.



Thanks for the response and hopefully will get my responses . Will be nice to know how people have managed to get round this problem


Dont even mind if I could somehow convert the MHTML files into PDF and manually re enter all the data back into Teams 


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Hi, If you still have the source O365 tenant available, you can use the third party app (Apps4Pro Migration manager) to migrate the Team Wiki data to the destination tenant.
try this, it migrates teams wiki.