Teams Wiki "new page" button disappearing in some wikis?

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Anyone have any ideas about why the "New page" button at the bottom of some Teams wikis we have have started to disappear, making it impossible to add new pages?


This  doesn't apply to all teams or all wikis, but some of the earliest wikis added to teams that have been in use for a while seem to suffer from this.


They're by no means huge, even so. Maybe 10-15 screen-fulls of text, a pittance. 


This is of course a show stopper for that particular Wiki and the only workaround we've found is to create a second Wiki next to it, which will eventually become completely unworkable. 


Any ideas on where to look?

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@KimmoJ we have the same experience. 1 Teams with around 60 Wiki entries does no longer have the possibility to add pages. Whereas other wikis with low number of pages sees the add page.  May be it is not the wise approach to have so many pages in a wiki. This I would expect to be mentioned somewhere in the Help 

Ours don't even have 60 entries, just a few pages of text, basically. It seems to me that there has to be a way to figure out the maximum size, and also a way to increase it. Otherwise the built-in Wiki tool isn't a tool, it's a toy and a dead end for real work. But, there are third party Wiki solutions that cost money - perhaps because the built-in Microsoft Wiki is a crippled toy? We'll have to look into other solutions I guess, or maybe try to get support from Microsoft on this directly - somehow, not easy for a small company.
I recommended as a solution to use OneNote instead of Wiki. In our case this will work.
We are facing the same issue and have a support ticket open. The support team is going back to the product team for more details.
I am having the same problem with a wiki that has about 15 pages. The problem started when I got my assistant to reorder the pages into chronological order.
According to my support ticket, this is confirmed a bug by the product team, however no ETA on a fix and no known workarounds at this time.

@jefmeyer this is impacting us too, thanks for the update.

Any news on this issue? Run into it also and it's really annoying...

Nope, Microsoft closed my ticket and said it would be resolved at some point. However, there's no health advisory in or tenant and I'm afraid it will be forgotten about by the product team. I'd recommend opening a ticket and refer to ticket 28454473 and this thread. Hopefully it will help gain traction with Microsoft.

"Resolved at some some point", wow, sure sounds like they're making this a priority... :unamused:


Thanks for the info though, hopefully "some point" arrives while we're all still relatively young.

I also created a support ticket for this matter. Let's hope it will be fixed soon.


In the meanwhile there seems to be a workaround for the problem. If you use the Wiki app in Teams to open the same Wiki you should be able to add pages to it even if it's not possible when opened in a channel. At least this is working for us...

As a workaround, use the WiKi app in Teams, this lets you still add the new pages.
Got an update from Microsoft yesterday on my ticket. They are rolling out a fix for the issue and roll out should be completed by the end of the month.
The fix for this showed up in our tenant today and we can now add new pages to the affected wikis again.