Teams Webinar or Live event

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I am interested in hosting an event for attendees who are not a part of my organization and who may not have Teams installed.  I am also needing attendees to pre-register for the event. 


It appears that the webinar function allows for registration, however, attendees must have teams installed.  It also appears that the Live Event function allows attendees to participate without a teams license, but there is not pre-registration option.  What am I missing?  Is it possible to do what I am attempting?

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@Kristine_B You can allow anonymous users (not being signed in) while not using the desktop app to join the webinar as long as you 'allow anonymous users to join meetings' in your Teams org. and changing the registration setting to "Everyone" if you'd like that.


You can simply copy the link from here as an example.






Check with your Teams administrator if you cannot select this.



@ChristianJBergstrom, yes, I understand that is a possibility, but unfortunately the Live Event option does not allow for registration.  So it appears that I lose that capability.  Is it possible to allow a non-Teams user to access a Teams Webinar, which does have pre-registration functionality?

Yes. That is exactly what I described above.