Teams webinar - how to add meeting to calendar without having to do it manually after registration

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Hi everybody,


I have been setting up a webinar series in my company and we are keen on using the MS Teams functionality for that. In a past webinar experience some users registered to the webinar and received the confirmation email, but they did not add the meeting attachment to their calendar, which made them miss the meeting as they did not get any reminder.

I was wondering if there is any set up in the webinar that automatically add the meeting to the user's calendar once they press the register button. Today I registered for a third party webinar and I saw this feature, but I couldn't find any way to do the same with my webinar invitation. Follows some example of my current situation and of what I would like to happen:

My webinar, where I need to add the attachment to my calendar:




My dream webinar, where the invitation is already in my calendar after I press register:



Any thoughts?


Thanks all!

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I am looking for the exact same thing - so please let me know if you find a solution to this. My guests also sometimes forget to add appointment to calendar.
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Hey @HeidiH8620 I couldn't find an optimal solution for this issue, but I noticed that now when we register for a webinar it goes to the calendar as a "tentative", which is better than do not be added at all. Apart from that, I've tried to mention that guests must add the meeting to their calendar once I send reminders for webinars, and I've also mentioned that this action must be taken in the webinar page on SharePoint. Hope it helps :)



@Gislele - that is great news! I must test our system, to ensure it works the same way here. 
We just recently had a webinar, where multiple people forgot to add to calendar, but maybe this is a recent change/update. I'll try it out! Thanks.