Teams Webinar - External Presenters Stuck in Lobby

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I have been responsible for two recent webinars hosted by my organisation, which had guest presenters.


When setting up the webinars, I was sure to add the guest presenters as "External Presenters", and they received unique meeting links, etc. I also made sure the webinar settings were set to "invited guests can bypass lobby", so my understanding is that the presenters should have been able to jump straight into the webinar without sitting in the lobby.


Unfortunately, for both webinars, the guest presenters ended up sitting in the meeting lobby, and I had to stressfully comb through hundreds of "Attendee" names in the lobby to find them, let them into the webinar, and then assign them presenter status (which I surely shouldn't have to do if they are already invited as a presenter!).


It was particularly stressful last night when the lobby list wasn't loading, so I was unable to find the presenters. I ended up having to 'admit all' when the webinar start time came around and then spent the first 1-2 mins trying to find the guest presenters' names and give them presenter capabilities.


I just want to know if there is a clear error I am making or some trick to ensure this never happens again. These are quite big webinars with hundreds of attendees and well-known presenters, so added technical challenges are unacceptable and cause unnecessary stress/delays.


Any help would be much appreciated.

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@AshB2000 Could it be that the presenters were using the normal link instead of the unique link?


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@paul keijzers Possibly. I believe they entered via the link in their outlook calendar. Would that be the unique link? Or is the unique link only in the initial invite email?